Bulk Distribute


  • SPL tokens in your wallet
  • Time : 2 minutes
  • Cost : 0.2 SOL per 100 addresses

By following this tutorial, I can

  • Bulk distribute SPL tokens immediately
  • Receive error notifications
  • Export a report from the distribution

Step 1 - Compile addresses and amounts

Head to Distribute, select the token you would like to bulk distribute and enter the addresses and amounts in the following format :
address, amount
You can see an example by clicking on "Example".
You can also upload a .csv file for larger distributions. Make sure you data is within one column and respects the above format.

Step 2 - Confirm distribution

When distributing SPL tokens, if the receiving addresses are yet to interact with that token, Solminter will automatically create an account address.
Once confirmed, approve the transactions.