v1 Beta Phase

Throughout the initial beta phase, Solminter has been free to use for everyone. This has given users the opportunity to use our platform and our team to iterate on user-feedback.

The beta phase has been highly successful and Solminter has hit some key outcomes within the first few months of launch :

  • 10,000 daily users peak

  • 120 SPL tokens minted

  • 800 Single NFTs minted

  • 60,000 vested distributions locked

  • 35,000 bulk transactions distributed

v2 Fee Structure

Our v2 is now live. v2 consists in introducing fees to use the platform.

The following fees will apply on SPL token minting & management :

  • Customise your SPL token : 0.25 SOL

  • Mint an SPL token : 1 SOL

  • (Bulk) distribute an SPL token : 0.2 SOL per 100 addresses

  • (Bulk) lock an SPL token : 0.2 SOL per 100 addresses

  • Burn an SPL token : 0 SOL (Free)

  • Withdraw an SPL token : 0 SOL (Free)

  • Mint your NFT collection : 0 SOL (Free)

You can take advantage of a 25% discount by using SMRT as a method of payment.

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