Withdraw & Unlock

If you have participated in a private sale or any project that requires a vesting schedule, you may need to use the withdraw & unlock function on Solminter to receive your tokens.


  • Unlock available (from participating in a project)
  • Time : 30 seconds
  • Cost : Free

By following this tutorial, I can

  • See all my upcoming unlocks for a token
  • Withdraw available unlocks

Step 1 - Go to Withdraw

Find the token you wish to unlock or withdraw and click on "Manage"
In the token management dashboard, click on "Withdraw"

Step 2 - Check your unlock status & withdraw

You will see your unlocks for that token here. If you have several unlocks, you may need to scroll to the bottom of the page to find the "Withdraw" button. Clicking on the "Withdraw" button will withdraw all the available unlocks.