About Solminter

Solminter is a foundational solution, sitting at the heart of the SPL ecosystem and covering the following key utility :
  • SPL minting and management
  • NFT minting and management
  • Ecosystem integrations

The need for Solminter

The Solana ecosystem is growing. With an aim to rival Ethereum, a need to attract more project founders and users over the Solana is integral.
Solminter is at the foundation of SPL creation and management. Placing itself in position of high utility and giving it the ability to tangibly contribute to the Solana ecosystem growth.

Use cases

  • New founders need Solminter to create tokens at a lower cost & focus on their core product.
  • Existing founders need Solminter to port across ERC20 based projects into the Solana ecosystem.
  • DEX developers need Solminter to easily onramp new projects.
  • Launchpad and IDO platforms need Solminter to reduce the barrier to entry for new projects and increase investor confidence.
  • Creators need Solminter to easily create NFT tokens on the Solana ecosystem.
Last modified 2yr ago