• An idea of your total supply

  • A created SPL token -- If you have not created an SPL token, click here

  • Account address ownership

  • Time : 1 minute

  • Cost : 0.25 SOL

By following this tutorial, I can

  • Define the total supply of my token

  • Mint tokens

  • Disable or change the mint authority address

  • Pay in SOL or SMRT

Step 1 - Select your SPL token

Head to the Token Management section and click "Manage" on the token you would like to customise.

Step 2 - Verify the token account address

Select the account address, this allows Solminter to verify that you have the rights to edit a token. Then click on customise.

Step 3 - Customise your SPL token

Token owners can customise the following on Solminter :

  • Name

  • Symbol

  • Supply

  • Mint authority

  • Freeze authority

Owners also have the possibility to mint more tokens. Solana limitations do not allow Solminter to change the logo / image of a token. For that you will need to pull a request to the official Solana-Labs token list here.

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