Multiple NFTs


Download the sample file and start uploading your NFT collection details

You will need to put the following information into the respective columns on the .csv file :

  • Artwork URL : the url to a decentralized storage that hold you artwork, we suggest and for this.

  • Title : the title of your artwork

  • Symbol : the symbol of your artwork

  • Description : the description of your artwork.

  • External URL : an external link to your artwork (if one exist), so that user can learn more about this artwork.

  • Attributes : the attributes of your NFT. You can add more than one attribute but make sure the respect the format in the CSV template.

  • Royalties : This is how much of each secondary sale will be paid out to the creators.

  • Creators : The split percentages for each creator must add up to 100%.

Approve the transactions in your web3 wallet

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