Single & Multi-lock

Token founders will need to be able to lock portions of their tokens for transparency to their token holders. It's simple with Solminter. Use the token lock function for vesting schedules, team tokens


  • SPL tokens in your wallet
  • Time : 2 minutes
  • Cost : 0.2 SOL per 100 addresses

By following this tutorial, I can

  • Multi lock tokens
  • Single lock tokens
  • Automatically create account addresses for new SPL addresses
  • Export a list of transactions
  • Receive notifications for failed transactions

Single locking

Select your source address and destination address.
Then select the unlock date and time. Please note that the time of unlock will be your local time, not UTC. You can select several token amounts and dates by clicking "Add schedule".

Multi locking (Bulk locking)

To lock tokens to several addresses at several dates, toggle the "Multi-lock" button.
Then enter the addresses, token amount and unlock date in the following format :
address,token amount,DD-MM-YYYY XX:XX
You can click "Example" to see what the format looks like.
You can also upload a .csv file if you have many locks to perform. The data should be in one column, respecting the above format.
You will go through several steps
  • Validate token addresses : For freshly created SPL wallets, Solminter will automatically create the token account for them.
  • Confirm transactions : Once all token accounts are created, you will be able to send out the transactions.
You will find a hyperlink to download the report once sending out the transactions. You can use this in the future to double-check that all transactions have successfully been locked.
For the users receiving their unlocks, they will be able to connect their wallet to Solminer and go to the Withdraw section. They will find their token lock details with a button at the bottom to withdraw all available locks.